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We're open during lockdown - see details here

Herb Parsley Extra Triple Curl

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Parsley is the most popular and widely grown of all the herbs. It is rich in vitamins and can be used raw as a garnish or in salads. It is so versatile it can even be added to many recipes and sauces during cooking. It is ideal for freezing but as it is such a hardy herb, there is rarely any need to do this. The ideal plant to have on your window sill in your kitchen! Our own selected variety, Extra Triple Curled gives a prolific supply of lush green leaves with heavy curling. This variety has a delicious fine flavour which is ideal for flavouring fish dishes. Seed Count: 500 WHEN TO SOW February to July WHERE TO SOW Early sowings in pots or trays under glass at 13C, later sowings direct in growing site 1cm (1/2") deep. WHAT TO DO NEXT Glasshouse sowings should be thinned to 5-7cm (2-3") apart before gradually hardening off and planting out in April 25cm (10") apart. Outdoor sowings should be gradually thinned to an eventual spacing of 25cm (10"). The thinnings can be potted for Winter use. MATURITY June onwards HANDY TIP A few plants in pots can be brought in for Winter use. Seed can be slow to germinate, so be patient. NUTRITIONAL VALUE A good source of vitamin K. Also contains pro-vitamin A, vitamin C and iron.