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Lettuce Mixed

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Packaged by E W King and Co Ltd, of Colchester, in partnership with Kings Seeds Packet contains approximately 1200 seeds Description Lettuce is one of the most important ingredients in many salads. So why not make yours more exciting by using your own home grown leaves. The gardeners choice, this packet is a good economy as it is one packet containing a mixture of butterhead, cos, crisp and loose leaf types to give you a spread of varieties and textures in one row. Ultimately saving you space to make it ideal for your patio. Seed Count: 1200 WHEN TO SOW March to July WHERE TO SOW Sow thinly in drills 1.5cm (3/4") deep with 30cm (15") between rows. WHAT TO DO NEXT Thin out the seedlings as they grow, to an eventual spacing 35cm (14") apart. Thinnings can be transplanted to the same spacings. MATURITY 10 weeks from sowing HANDY TIP The mixture can be sown broadcast in small blocks and leaves picked as required like "cut and come again" varieties. NUTRITIONAL VALUE A good source of the antioxidants such as beta-carotene, lutein and vitamin C as well as vitamin K and folic acid. Lettuce seeds can be sown in modules. seed trays or direct into the growing site and thinned to the required spacings as soon as possible. Rows should be about 30cm apart and the seeds sown 1cm deep. Small lettuces can be spaced at 15-20cm distances, whilst large crispheads will need 30-35cm. Regular watering is essential especially the 7-10 days before maturity. Lettuces mature quickly, butterheads at about 10 weeks and crisphead and cos types at around 14 weeks. They will not stand for more than 5-7 days once mature before running to seed, so successful successional sowing or the use of the "cut and come again" types is required. Sowings begin in February under glass at 15C followed by outdoor sowings under cloches until late autumn. Sowings for overwinter production uses cloches and glasshouse. Germination difficulties may be experienced in July and August as lettuce seed will go into dormancy if sown in very hot weather.