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Spinach Giant Winter

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Spinach is a very tasty vegetable which can be used raw in salads, boiled or steamed. It is best eaten when picked young and as long as the leaves are picked regularly and young, they will remain tender and mild in flavour. When cooking spinach, the water left on the leaves after washing them is a sufficient amount for it to be cooked in. Giant Winter, as its name suggests, is a winter variety with large dark green leaves of good flavour. It can be very hardy and stands for a long time when ready. Seed Count: 225 WHEN TO SOW June to September WHERE TO SOW Direct into growing site in shallow drills. Spacing rows 30cm (12") apart. WHAT TO DO NEXT As seedlings grow gradually thin out to 15cm (6") apart. Spare seedlings can be replanted. MATURITY Early October onwards HANDY TIP To ensure a continuous supply of leaves try sowing in small lots each month. NUTRITIONAL VALUE A good source of pro-vitamin A, vitamin C, lutein and dietary fibre.