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Climbing French Bean Cobra

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Packaged by E W King and Co Ltd, of Colchester, in partnership with Kings Seeds Packet contains approximately 50 seeds Description The gardeners choice, Cobra are black seeded for early production.The pods produced are about 7mm in diameter, long and straight and can be harvested over a long period. They can be used for indoor or outdoor production. They are the best French Bean to achieve the most tasty flavour. Climbing beans such as this variety should be supported much like you would support runner beans. This family of beans is frost tender and cannot be sown until the weather has warmed up. Seed Count: 50 WHEN TO SOW Early April to Late May WHERE TO SOW Early sowings in a glasshouse at 16 C, 3 seeds per pot. Outside sowings from May onwards 5cm (2") deep, spaced 20cm (8") apart with 60cm (24") between rows. WHAT TO DO NEXT Glasshouse seedlings should gradually be hardened off before planting outside in late May to the above spacing. Outside sowings should be reduced to single plants. Provide support by canes or netting. MATURITY Early June onwards HANDY TIP It is probably better to sow small lots at regular intervals as this will ensure a Late Summer continuous supply of fresh beans. Can be sown under cover to produce a late crop. NUTRITIONAL VALUE A good source of vitamins A, K and folic acid.