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Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8 am to 5:30 pm | Saturday 8 am to 5 pm | Sunday 10 am to 4 pm

Petsafe Cat Flap 280W Big Cat Small Dog

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Staywell Big Cat / Small Dog Pet Door Staywell Big Cat / Small Dog Pet Door Pet Doors provide petswith a portal between two different environments - usually the indoors and the outdoors. This provides petswith a greater freedom of choice end extends the areas in which they can self-exercise and explore. petsbenefit from increased exercise, fresh air and opportunities to investigate. Like most Pet Doors, the Staywell Big Cat / Small Dog Pet Door needs to be pushed open by your cat or dog to allow themselves access which eliminates constant authorisation by the owner. Allowing potentially unlimited access to garden areas when they want it can help avoid toilet accidents and this has the added benefit of relieving the owner from constant supervision. This is the largest Staywell Pet Door from petsfe that can be installed into glass and is suitable for petsup to 10 kg. It features the 4 locking options - in only, out only, open or locked. The extremely thin profile of the exterior frame means that this Pet Door can be installed into sliding glass patio doors. However it is equally suitable for regular doors and surfaces and is provided with an adjustable tunnel that caters for most thicknesses of door. Freedom For Your Pet With The Staywell Big Cat / Small Dog Pet Door Introducing Your Pet To The Pet Door Once the pet door is fitted it is a good idea to allow your pet to gradually become familiar with it. Start by propping the flap open or by fitting the frame but leaving the flap out. Tempt your pet through the door with a favourite food treat but don?t force him or he may become scared of the door. Once comfortable with the concept of going through a pet door, refit the flap and before long your pet will be speeding through his own personal door! Just over 20 years ago the petsfe brand was launched. A brand which has now become a leading name in pet care products. Right from the early days, petsfe's enthusiasm for petsdetermined their mission to be the most the most trusted pet brands. Today, petsfe are as passionate about petsas ever and so the story continues by successfully enhancing That ispecial relationship between owners and pets Following its launch in 1991, the petsfe brand was quickly and solidly built around three core product categories; Containment Systems, Training Systems and Bark Control. petsfe still excel in each of these, with new and more technologically advanced products being brought to market year after year. But petsfe have not let other opportunities pass by. Instead, a planned strategy of brand acquisition, including Staywell, Innotek, Petporte, Multivet, Premier and Drinkwell has resulted in additional product categories including Pet Doors, Health and Wellness and Play and Challenge. In many ways owners are just like their pets They want someone they can instinctively trust - someone who has their best interests at heart and will never let them down. That is why so many pet owners seek out the petsfe brand. Knowing that It is a reassuringly safe choice that they can always rely on for products of the best quality. Everything petsfe do is aimed at strenghtening that unique special relationship that exists between owner and pet. Every product that bears the petsfe name is on the understanding of the mutual love between petsand people - and the pleasures and rewards that pet ownership brings. Protect. Teach. Love. Some of our products are designed to protect the lives, health and wellbeing of pets Others have been developed to help teach petsand encourage them into better habits and behaviour.