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A.D.Livingston's Big Book Of Meat

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Written with A.D. Livingston's signature wit and wisdom, his Big Book of Meat is a down-to-earth guide to making sausage, jerky, and home-smoked and dry-cured meats easily and inexpensively in your own kitchen! This book explains how to: Choose the right equipment to make sausage and pork, venison, beef, chicken and fish. Create deli-style cold cuts. Dry and store jerky. Salt-cure country hams and other meats. Build a modern walk-in smokehouse. Adapt today's materials to yesterday's traditional methods. Choose woods and fuels for smoking. And so much more! As A.D. once said, 'You can smoke a better fish than you can buy, and you can cure a better ham without the use of any chemicals except ordinary salt and good hard-wood smoke.' All country cooks and sportsmen in particular will treasure this cookbook.