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Eventing Explained Book

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This is an indispensable guide for all those new to the sport of eventing. A unique and all-round view of how to start eventing, for riders of all ages, wanting to compete in their first affiliated Horse Trials. Packed with top-tips and exercises for riders in all three phases, it is an ideal aid for parents and partners of would-be event riders. Colour-coded so you can pick out relevant sections at a glance, 'Eventing Explained' is the must-have guide for riders wanting to compete at BE80, BE90 and BE100 level. Contents include: What is Eventing; Competing with BrIt ish Eventing; Preparation and Training; Horse Fitness; Rider Fitness and Mental Preparation; Training for Dressage, Showjumping; a Who's Who section at affiliated events, and much more.ReviewThis book contains absolutely everything you need to know about eventing. Explained in great detail, this book covers everything from training techniques to the Event Official's roles. This book contains stunning photos and offers an insight into what eventing brings to a rider. It caters for all ages, giving advice for all levels of entry into the sport - a must-have for any would-be event rider. --Horse and RiderThis is an excellent book for anyone who is just starting out eventing and also for people who are already competing. I love the way It is laid out with each section colour coded so you can find the information easily...The book is full of fantastic photographs and I especially like the helpful tips. These are set out in coloured boxes for diet, vet, groom etc which all help to make the book really informative and easy to read...a great book which will appeal to all ages, young or old, and well worth the money. --Your HorseThis BrIt ish Eventing publication will set you on the right path to eventing success. 'Eventing Explained' offers everything you need to know about the sport, from what to wear, to how to build horse and rider confidence and compete on a winning score. It has been designed to ensure the information is easy to access, including inspirational photographs, amusing cartoons and handy tips. The emphasis is on affiliated competition, but it is also useful for those currently only setting their sights on unaffiliated events. --HorseAbout the AuthorLiza Randall combines her two loves as an equestrian writer and Pilates coach from her base in the Costwolds. Author of Pilates for Equestrians (ISBN 978-1-905693-34-4), and former editor of BrIt ish Eventing Life magazine, she has a passion for eventing, whether watching or competing. Liza is an advocate of classes being available to riders of all abilities, and worked with BrIt ish Eventing when the BE80 Training series was launched. As an equestrian Pilates coach, Liza trains amateur and professional riders alike, teaching the recruitment of core muscles to develop balance, strength and coordination.