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The Deer Stalkers Bedside Book

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A book for every deer stalker to dip into The Deer Stalker's Bedside Book is a pot pourri of fact (as well as a little fiction) relating to deer and deer stalking. It can be dipped into at random and is sure to entertain and inform, and provide the occasional surprise for even the most dedicated deer aficionado. Included are some short stories concerning the goings-on at the fictional highland sporting estate of Glen Garron. Covering a wide variety of subject from equipment and techniques to recipes and classic stalking tales, this is the perfect book for every deer stalking enthusiast. Anecdotes, curiosities, tall tales and yarns appear throughout.ReviewThe illustrations are by Keith Sykes and they are so good I just wish there had been more of them... A must to be read by stalker and non-stalker... While this book may have been written with the stalker in mind, it goes much further and will appeal to the general naturalist. You could have left out the word Stalker's in the title and it would have been better still. From antlers to "A Macnab" and venison to myths, this is a must for your bookshelf. --Ray Collier, Highland News GroupThis is a really good book - informative and readable with some old and some new. I let my coffee get cold and was late for a fishing appointment - That is saying something for its quality. Well done indeed - wish I had written it. --Richard Prior, Leading international authority on DeerThe Deer Stalker's Bedside Book, by Charles Smith-Jones, sets out to be an "entertaining read for every deer enthusiast." The book is a wonderful miscellany of deer facts and trivia, allied to stalking stories, advice and the personal observations of the author, based on his own long experience. It even includes a little sporting fiction from the imaginary Glen Carron Estate in the Highlands... plus a piece of untrue trivia for readers to hunt for. It is the kind of book that is just as much fun to dip into at random as to read through from start to finish, and Smith-Jones's fascination with all things deer shine through from every page. I defy any stalker to read this and not learn something new! --Sporting ShooterAbout the AuthorCharles Smith-Jones has always been fascinated by deer. He has actively stalked and managed them for almost 35 years, with wide experience of all the BrIt ish species. He currently lectures in Game and Wildlife Management at Sparsholt College in Hampshire where he specialises in deer and firearms, is a regular contributor to the Shooting Times and Deer, and has written one other book, Muntjac: Managing an Alien Species, which received widespread praise as a groundbreaking work on the subject.