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The House Lurcher Book

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If you only buy one book about lurchers then this should be it!For those who would share their lives with the graceful, intelligent lurcher, there was little information on how to cope with that mysterious sighthound temperament in a domestic environment... Until now. As a result of many training enquiries received over the years,Jackie Drakeford has writtenThe House Lurcher for owners of pet lurchers and domestic greyhounds. Readers will learn in detail about the historical origins of the Lurcher, how to choose the right Lurcher for you, the vital link between feeding, health and behaviour as a puppy and adult, training for happy co-existence within the home and outdoors, how to conquer separation anxiety and more.Now fully updated, and reprinted due to popular demand, this book takes into account recent changes to the law as it relates to hunting with dogsReviewAn invaluable read for current and prospective lurcher owners...a great source of information on these intelligent and rewarding dogs Written in an easy-to-read but informative style, it covers all aspects of living with a lurcher, from choosing the right one to feeding it, to the hound as a working animal, health care, and preventing and dealing with the theft of your dog. The text is accompanied by bright photographs, suggestions for further reading and useful addresses. Jackie's wealth of knowledge and love for this type of dog are apparent throughout this invaluable read. --Shooting TimesNow fully updated in this second edition and in colour for the first time, The House Lurcher covers all aspects of owning and training pet lurchers and domestic greyhounds. Essential information covered includes: choosing the right type of lurcher; the link between feeding, health and behaviour; house and outside manners; conquering separation anxiety; showing, racing and obedience; and breeding. In particular the reader will learn how to live happily with their lurcher and how to establish a sound recall. --Sporting ShooterJust the book for anyone who has ever dreamt of owning a lurcher. --Sporting Gun on The House Lurcher First EditionAbout the AuthorJackie Drakeford was born and brought up in the New Forest. Well known as a lurcher showing and obedience judge, she also works, trains and occasionally breeds her own working lurchers, as well as being involved in lurcher rescue. Passionate about the countryside and its conservation, she supports several animal welfare and fieldsports associations. Now based in Sussex, she wrIt is for a number of countryside publications and is a Kennel Club Accredited instructor and Behaviourist with a special interest in working sighthounds and lurchers.