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The Working Whippet Book

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The Working Whippet is devoted to the breeding, training and preparation of the whippet for work in the field. Whippetsare among the top twenty registered breeds in the UK and are increasing in popularity as a working breed. Amongst the chapters in the book are an introduction to the breed, its origins, role and importance in the past and today; what to look for in a puppy, caring for the puppy, feeding, worming etc; early training; teaching skills needed in the field; working by day and night; care of the working dog; the next generation selecting a stud dog, whelping and rearing a litter. The Working Whippet contains valuable advice which applies not only to whippet owners but also to those who own lurchers, large and small, and much of the information applies to all running dogs The only whippet book to deal in any depth with training and working A practical training manual covering everything from the puppy to fully trained dog Will also appeal to owners of lurchers and other running dogseviewThis is a book which, as suggested by the title, tells you pretty much all you need to know about working your Whippet. The invaluable information and useful tips which fill this book can equally be applied to lurchers as to purebred Whippets and can only have been learnt by lots of practical experience with dogs The book is easy to read with good pictures throughout and, all in all, is one of the most comprehensive books on the training of a specialist rabbit catching dog on the market. It is worth every penny and deserves a spot on any lurcherman's bookshelf. --Countryman's WeeklyThere are good chapters on getting started, basic obedience and doing things the right way, which flow smoothly along, revealing an understanding which only comes from experience around working dogs.. this book is good value for money and worthy of a place on the shelf of any rabbit hunter. --Earth Dog Running DogThis invaluable guide is illustrated in colour throughout and chapters include an introduction to the breed, what to look for in a puppy, feeding, working, teaching skills needed in the field and care of the working dog. --NFU BrIt ish Farmer and GrowerAbout the AuthorHelen Hansell grew up on a Welsh hill farm and read history at Cambridge. She spent two years in London training to be a lawyer before returning to Wales where she qualified and worked as a gamekeeper on a commercial pheasant shoot, trained a variety of working dogsand learnt how to fly and hunt with hawks. She now wrIt is regularly for field sports and countryside magazines. She lives on a smallholding in the Black Mountains where she has worked and bred working whippetsfor many years.