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Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8am to 5:30pm | Saturday 8am to 5pm | Sunday 10am to 4pm

Battery 9 Volt 90Ah

SKU 3362

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This is a disposable alkaline dry battery for 9v fencers. Alkaline type 9v batteries hold a fairly constant voltage over their lifetime. Whereas saline batteries will gradually drop in voltage during use, alkaline batteries will maintain a steady voltage output until they're empty. This is one of the medium capacity of this type of battery in our range and we'd estimatete that this should give at least 4 or 5 month's worth of power. It's relatively lightweight for a medium capacity 9v battery and also fits neatly inside the casing of our portable 9v energiser units so ideal for mobile fencing. Although a little more expensive than the saline type, we think these alkaline batteries are well worth the extra couple of pounds as they keep a steady 9v voltage output throughout their life. They're also surprisingly lightweight which is a bonus when you're moving a portable energiser around. Please note, this battery is non-rechargeable. Battery life may vary depending on the power consumption of the energiser and any power leakage from the fence to earth may drain the battery more quickly. This battery is smaller type of 9v. Dimensions are L165xW112xH112mm. With all alkaline batteries, please remove sticker on the top of the battery several hours before use. This allows the air to circulate within and causes a chemical reaction which brings the voltage up.