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Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00am to 5:30pm | Saturday 8:00am to 5:00p.m | Sunday 10:00am to 4:00pm

Nylabone Dura Chew Bacon Regular

SKU 38661

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The Nylabone Extreme range of bones and chew toys are just right for your dog if he loves to chew and is very good at it. These chew toys have a delicious flavour throughout, meaning the flavour goes on for as long as the chew does, they are not sprayed, dipped or coated in any way so there is no chance of that tasty flavour being licked off.The materials are as tough as real bones but they don't have the same dangers. Nylabone have been mastering making chew toys for over 50 years and have a manufacturing process like no other, we make sure they do not splinter, instead the nice smooth surface roughs up as it is chewed and tiny bristles raise on the bone, acting like a mini toothbrush which will help keep your dogs teeth clean and prevent tartar build up. If your dog does manage to bite any off It ishould only ever be as small as a grain of rice and these can be passed if swallowed, they are not a choking hazard.It is important to select the appropriate chew type, size and formulation based on your dogsage, breed, chewing style and weight.The pressure exerted by a strong chewer's jaw is considerable and when direcTedstraight down can put tremendous (as much as 450 psi) stress on the dogsteeth.It is therefore recommended that non-edible chews be large enough to encourage chewing from the side rather than the top and bottom.If you have more than one dog in your household, select chews appropriate for larger, stronger chewer.Replace when knuckle ends are worn down or if it becomes too small for your dog to chew safely.To clean Nylabone Non-Edible Chews, scrub with a brush under warm water, using mild, non-toxic detergent and rinse thoroughly.Nylabone products are flavoured throughout and will last the lifetime of the chew. No amount of scrubbing will remove Nylabone flavour.