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Gerri Gerbil Premium Food 850g

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Gerri Gerbil Complete Muesli is a complete food suitable for gerbils of all ages. This low-fat mix is high in delicious ingredients. It has alfalfa, maize, wheat, oats, carrots, peas, raisin, soya and whole pumpkin seeds. It does not include sunflower seeds because they are not always healthy for gerbils. With no added sugar, Gerri Gerbil Complete Muesli enhances digestive health, encourages natural foraging behaviour, and promotes dental wear. It is rich in natural ingredients and is made with only the finest raw materials. It is highly palatable. Ingredients Wheat, maize, flaked maize, soya flakes, oats, flaked peas, lucerne meal (alfalfa), carrots, pumpkin seeds, raisins, locust beans, soya oil, minerals, salt. Additives: Colourants.