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Magpie Cage Trap (Larsen)

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Magpie cage trap - flat pack from Defenders humanely catches magpies, Larsen, rooks, jays and crows. Easy to assemble trap is made from rust and corrison resistant metal and can only be used with a general licence issued by the DETR (Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions). Directions for Use: Place bait or carrion in the front area of the trap. Set collapsible perch in spring-loaded door by placing wooden shafts end to end. When first bird is caught, remove it and place in the rear area of the trap to act as a decoy. Re-set the collapsible perch. The live decoy bird should be provided with adequate water, food, shelter and a suitable perch for the entire period. The live decoy bird must be inspected on at least one occasion in any 24 hour period. Only crow, magpie, jackdaw, jay and rooks may be confined in the trap as a decoy. When not in use, the trap must be rendered incapable of holding or catching birds. De-activate by tipping trap on to its side, with the doors downwards. Manufacturer's Description STV is one of the UKs leading supplier's of pest control products for home and garden use. The defenders range of products are for caring control of petsand wildlife in and around the garden to help you Live Pest-Free.