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Mole Repel Scatter Granules 450g

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The Mole Repellent Scatter Granules from Defenders treats mole tunnels and hills in vulnerable garden areas such as seedbeds, lawns, meadows and parks. Humanely deter moles from outdoor areas with the easy to apply deterrent granules which penetrate into tunnels and surrounding earth, tainting moles food source, encouraging them to find new feeding locations. The granules are coated with castor oil which taints the soil causing the moles food source to become distasteful. They will move away from the treatment area in search of fresh feeding locations. The shaker-cap is easy to pop open and close again so any unused granules can be stored for a future application. The granules are fully biodegradable and cause no detrimental effect to plants or their growth. They are suitable for use in areas where children or petsare present. Can be applied to soil at any time of the year - simply water them into the ground.Manufacturer's DescriptionSTV is one of the UKs leading suppliers of pest control products for home and garden use. The Defenders range of products are for caring control of petsand wildlife in and around the garden to help you Live Pest-Free.