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Dodson & Horrell Fibre Fusion 16kg

SKU 79602

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Dodson and Horrell Fibre Fusion is a particularly tasty structure lining for horses from Sainfoin, manure and grass. Thanks to the low strength levels is fibre Fusion Nachteiltigen no influence on the temperament. The energy content can be performance and endurance support. Features: Extra tasty Leistungsgerechter calorie content Low Strength Dodson and Horrell Fibre Fusion is especially well suited: The support of performance with the support of endurance Luzerne, Sainfoin, oats, wheat, grass chaff, oat straw, yeast Rssch¤lkleie, rapeseed oil, Melassefreie Sugar Beet shredding, (whole plant) Maize, Molasses, Mannan Oligosac Charide, Natriumbicarbonat,, blackcurrant, Kale, Spinach, Beetroot, Rosemary Crude Protein 11.5% Rohfett 8.00% Fibre 21% rohasche 7% Moisture 12% digestible energy 11,5MJ/kg Calcium 1.15% Sugar 4.50% Phosphorus 0.25% Starch 6.50% Magnesium 0.10% Lysine 5.40g/kg Methionine 1.4g/kg Feeding 100up to 600g/100kg body weight fibre Fusion Daily, used as either a main Nativity Scene Feeding, which can be regulated by a vitamin and mineral supplement or a feed balancer compliment, and made from a ground of muesli or pellets, to slow the with precious ingredients to and the feed intake by Make of chewing.