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NAF EnerG 2litre

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Fortified with iron, vitamins and trace elements, this fast acting, veterinary approved liquid formula is designed to support the performance of the hardworking equine athlete. EnerG contains the correct balance of copper and zinc, both important nutrients required by the horse to maximise the benefits of this unique synergistic formulation, thus optimizing energy metabolism. Iron together with an unrivalled spectrum of Vitamin B complexes support the health and efficiency of red blood cells and energy metabolism. EnerG also contains Vitamin C for It is antioxidant qualities, together with Vitamin K to support the benefits of the Vitamin C. EnerG is a carefully targeted product that provides the nutrients necessary to support blood profiles and energy metabolism, so it can be safely added to any diet. Directions Feed at maintenance to support energy utilization in hard working performance horses. Feed Loading Rate at times of peak performance. Also an ideal tonic for horses with poor blood profiles and lethargy.