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Komodo Tortoise Diet Fruit 680g

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The tortoise diet fruit and flower by Komodo, has been designed to provide a complete nutritional diet for popular species of PET tortoises. The diet is high in fibre, low in protein, with a calcium to phosphorous ratio of 3: 5: 1. All of the Komodo tortoise diets have been extensively tested to develop a range of flavours. Tortoises also love to eat other fresh foods such as dandelions, Watercress, bramble and even roses. Ingredients Oats,Beet Pulp,Maize Gluten,Maize,Calcium Carbonate,Dicalcium Phosphate,Lucern,Minerals,Vitamins,Glucosamine,Chondroiton,MSM,Titanium Dioxide. EU Permitted Colourants and Flavours Directions Feeding Instructions: Moisten the food before feeding (experiment with the level of saturation to suit your tortoise). Provide a small fresh supply of food morning and evening. Place several dishes of food around the habitat to increase cage enrichment. Remove uneaten food, and provide fresh water daily. Fresh foods like dandelion leaves and fruits can be provided as part of a balanced diet. Tortoises can sometimes be reluctant to try new food, especially when It is good for them. Initially serve diet with a familiar food. Offer fresh servings several times a day when your tortoise is most active.