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Dodson & Horrell Staypower Muesli 20kg

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Dodson and Horrell is the high fibre, high oil competition muesli for horses ponies in work that need stamina, speed and control. In Staypower Muesli, the calories are delivered by a carefully controlled balance of slow releasing energy ingredients providing fuel for the mind and muscles without making your horse over-excitable.Ideal for: Providing slow release energy for stamina, strength and controlled power Nutritionally supporting temperament via our unique blend of fibres and oil Promoting long term health and vitality Feeding a patented blend of antioxidants and a comprehensive blend of B vitamins together with over 25 vitamins and minerals to support digestive, muscular, hoof, coat, immune and joint health Recovery due to the tailored package of electrolytes, B vitamins, protein and calories That istaypower Muesli contains together with our inclusion of a small quantity of micromanaged cooked cereals Ensuring that muscle glycogen and hydration status is rapidly recovered after workNutritional Analysis Est. Digestible Energy 12.0MJ/kgCrude Protein 13.0%Crude Oils Fats 5.5%Crude Fibre 12.0%Crude Ash 9.5%Copper 45 mg/kgSodium 0.5%Lysine 6 g/kgPotassium 0.9%Vitamin B1 20 mg/kgVitamin B2 6.5 mg/kgVitamin B12 0.03 mg/kgBiotin 1.3 mg/kgVitamin A 17,000 iu/kgVitamin D 1,800 iu/kgVitamin E 420 mg/kg