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Felix Kitten Pouches 12 X 100g Mixed

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Growing kittens need nutritional care from the very beginning and specifically formulated food to meet their every need. Our FELIX Kitten Mixed Selection Pack in Jelly is a great assortment of delicious flavours, packed with essential nutrients. PURINA experts and nutritionists have developed our recipes to make sure your kitten has the best start in life, beginning with their diet. We include proteins, minerals and vitamins that promote growth and support the development of healthy teeth, muscles and bones in your kitten. Ingredients Meat and animal derivatives (of which Chicken/Lamb 4%), Fish and fish derivatives (of which 4% Plaice/Cod), Various sugars, Minerals. Directions Feeding guide: Felix kitten recipes are a complete (completely deeeelicious!) pet food for kittens - specially formulated for all kittens between 6 and 52 weeks. Feed little and often to satisfy your kitten's appetite. Kitten food can be left down so that your kitten can feed between meals if he is hungry. Felix kitten food has 20% extra protein compared to Felix adult chunks in jelly. Food should be served at room temperature (then your cat can really enjoy the yummy smell of Felix too - bring it on!) Fresh, clean water should always be available. Age of Kitten: Weaning - 3 months, Typical amount (Pouches per day): 4, Typical Meals (per day): 2-3. Age of Kitten: 3-6 months, Typical amount (Pouches per day): 3-5, Typical Meals (per day): 2. Age of Kitten: 6-12 months, Typical amount (Pouches per day): 5-3, Typical Meals (per day): 2.