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STV Mega Sonic Mole Repeller

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STV have produced a wide range of pest control systems and weatherproof baits for a wide range of unwanted guests in and around your home or workplace. Moles are becoming more apparent just not in rural areas but also in common back gardens. These little pests can do serious damage to the most well-maintained garden. So that your hard work is not in vain, STV have produced the DefendersMega-Sonic Mole Repeller.This simple-to-install unit will just push in to the soil and will send a sonic pulse and vibration through the ground every 25 seconds to prevent the moles from staying and keep them on the move. The STV646 mole repeller will easily protect an area up to 1,000 square metres. There is no requirement to exclude children and petsfrom the protected zone area as the unit is welfare-friendly and is merely a deterrent that does not harm moles.Manufacturer's DescriptionSTV is one of the UKs leading suppliers of pest control products for home and garden use. The Zero In range of products keep your household free of insects and bugs. Other STV brands to help you live pest-free, include The Big Cheese Rodent Control, Defenders - Caring Control of petsand Animals In The Garden and The Buzz Poison-Free Outdoor Insect Control.