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We're open during lockdown - see details here

Applaws Cat Chicken Breast 156g

SKU 95606

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Applaws believe happiness is natural. In fact, Applaws have found the answer in a simple equation. When the food is good, your pet is well and everyone?s happy. Applaws is made from the best natural ingredients that delivers everything your pet needs to thrive and when petsare happy, we?re happy - There is no better feeling as a pet owner. Additive and preservative free complementary cat food with no added sugar, promoting healthy weight Natural source of taurine essential for eye health and the heart 100 Percent natural, nothing hidden, nothing added Highly digestible ingredients. Limited ingredients Ingredients Chicken Breast 75%, Chicken Broth 24%, Rice 1% Directions cat'size: upto 3kg - 1 Tin, 3 - 5kg - 2 Tins and 5kg+ - 3 Tins.