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We're open during lockdown - see details here

Dexas Popware Kennel Bowl Blue

SKU 97810

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Traveling with petscan be tough! When your pet has to be in a kennel, add this kennel cup to ensure they have food or water on demand. Perfect for long car trips, hotel stays and more, this kennel cup is sure to make travel with your pup a bit easier. The kennel cup measures 6.125 inches deep, 7.125 inches wide and is 1.47 inches tall (when folded). It has a 1 cup capacity. Best of all, the kennel cup can be collapsed and folded up (pivots and locks into place), to provide more room inside the kennel when not in use. The bowl can be removed and is dishwasher safe. Easily attaches to kennel bars at the right height for your pet.