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Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8 am to 5:30 pm | Saturday 8 am to 5 pm | Sunday 10 am to 4 pm

Equilibrium Net Relief Riding Mask

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Stress-free summer hacking with this ride on fly mask which protects your horses head from the sun, flies and midges.

A unique fly mask for riding which protects your horse€™s face, eyes and ears from flies and strong sunlight.

  • Provides an effective barrier for flies and biting insects
  • Protects from the sun€™s harsh rays with over 65% UV protection
  • Comfortable fit and excellent visibility with excellent clearance over the eyes and eyelashes
  • Ideal for all ridden work allowing your horse to concentrate on working, rather than on flies and bright sunlight
  • Approved by British Dressage for use in competition

**Nose nets and Equilibrium Net Relief Riding Masks (or similar) are permitted and must be discreetly coloured i.e. the same/similar colour to the horse. Masks or nose nets should cover the face/nose only, leaving the mouth and bit visible. Face masks/nose nets are not permitted under FEI rules, which may be applied to certain competitions in the UK.

What inspired the Riding Mask for horses?

Timmy, who if you haven€™t heard of him before, is the reason behind Equilibrium Products. He was a very sensitive soul who started shaking his head as a youngster. This led to the development of many products, including the Muzzle Net, Field Relief Max and finally, the Riding Mask. While the Muzzle Net gave him much needed relief, paired with the Riding Mask it was an even better solution!

What is the material used within this ride on fly mask?

Two types of mesh are used within the Riding Mask. There is a softer one, which goes over your horses€™ ears to keep them protected but comfortable. And then a slightly firmer PVC mesh over the face, giving it structure to stay away from your horses€™ eyes and eyelashes. This mesh also provides over 65% UV protection for those horses who are sensitive to sunlight.

Who is this Ride on Fly Mask for?

While anyone can use the Riding Mask, it is great for horses who:

  • Are sensitive to sunlight.
  • Are sensitive to flies and midges.
  • Shake their heads when ridden.

How do I care for the Riding Mask?

To clean the Riding Mask, we recommend that you just rinse it regularly in lukewarm water. Do not wring or spin the material.

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