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Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8 am to 5:30 pm | Saturday 8 am to 5 pm | Sunday 10 am to 4 pm


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Looking for a serious performance front boot for your horse when you are participating in advanced competition particularly cross country

Knowing how much riders care about their equine partners the Smart Event boot from Woof Wear has been created to give the best possible support and protection to your horse.

This technical boot uses some of the most innovative materials and design to meet your rigorous standards as a top-level competitor. The result is a 360-degree tri-layer boot that offers the ultimate in tendon and cannon bone protection.

The layers consist of a vented PU shell D30 impact protection and a breathable neoprene liner. In addition There is a mesh lining to keep out dirt and grit.

Key to the success of this incredibly lightweight hardwearing boot is Woof Wears patented D3O. technology.

Here's how it works. The molecules that make up the impact protection material operate in a unique way. When the material is at rest the molecules flow freely but when an impact occurs they lock together to absorb its energy which reduces the force of the blow.

And it gets better. The harder the blow the more the molecules lock together creating even better protection!

Double lock closure keeps this boot securely in place on your horses front leg so that you can both exercise your skills with assurance in the sport you love.

Benefits Technologically advanced front leg boot provides 360 degree protection Tri-layer protection provides first rate care for tendons and cannon bone Unique D30 impact protection creates an outstanding flexible shock absorption system Vented PU shell and breathing neoprene liner ventilate the leg to keep cool. Additional mesh lining keeps out dirt and grit while training and competing Woof Wears double lock closure keeps the boot securely in place during demanding competition. Superb choice for demanding equestrian sports.