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Unlimate Clipping Guide For Horses 2024

Unlimate Clipping Guide For Horses 2024

Winter Woollies! 

With our horses’ sleek summer coats changing for their winter woollies, many of us will be beginning to think about clipping them for winter. Clipping not only allows us to keep our horses clean, it also helps them regulate body temperature whilst in work, causing less sweating and reducing the risk of blocked glands. 


Bathing before clipping with a product such as Lincoln Pre Clip Shampoo will ensure your horse’s coat is free of grease prior to clipping. This will keep edges sharp and reduce leaving blade lines in your horse’s coat. A pre-clip bath also helps your blades stay sharp and reduces the risk of your clippers overheating.


Make sure you know which clip you're going for! Select the type of clip that's suitable for the horse's workload, coat thickness, and climate. The most common types are trace clip, blanket clip, and full clip.
Whilst clipping ensure that you are keeping your blades oiled and clean during clipping is essential to ensuring the longevity of your clippers. It is recommended that you oil your blades every 3-4 minutes for maximum efficiency. Regular oiling and cleaning also means your blades will stay cooler!
Start at the shoulder and clip in the direction of the hair growth. Use long, even strokes, and avoid going over the same area twice. Work from the shoulder down to the flank, then move to the hindquarters, legs, and head.


Brushing down and using a hot cloth on your horse, removes the majority of the clipped hair from their coat. Hot clothing also removes excess oil left over from your blades, and, if you have a sensitive-skinned horse, hot clothing with a wash reduces the chances of your horse coming out in hives as a reaction to the oil.
Grooming your horse afterward also gives you a good look at the clip, and allows you to check for any missed hair or nicks from your blades.
Once the clip is complete, and the horse is comfortable, clean the blades, oil them, and store the clipper in a safe place. 
Clipping a horse can be a challenging task, especially for beginners. It's important to take your time, follow the right procedure, and ensure that the horse is comfortable and safe throughout the process.

Our top picks- 

Lincoln Pre Clip Shampoo 500ml

Lincoln Pre Clip Shampoo 500ml

A deep cleansing shampoo for easy and time-saving clipping. Contains natural extracts of Witch Hazel and Rosewater to clean and tone the skin.
Barrier Lavender Wash

Barrier Lavender Wash-

Concentrated, low lathering, no-rinse formula body wash containing only the purest high grade lavender and coconut derivatives chosen for their cleaning and conditioning qualities. Ideal for use after exercise or competition. Helps disperse bruising, soothe minor cuts and abrasions. Can also be applied to bruised areas, minor cuts and grazes. No artificial thickeners. Free from all prohibited substances under current FEI and HRA rules.
EZI-Groom Premium Long Dandy Brush

EZI-Groom Premium Long Dandy Brush

Feeling natural in the hand, the EZI-GROOM Premium dandy brush is a smart addition to any horse grooming bag. A beech block carved with finger indents is easy to grip, the brass badge gives an extra smart feel. Hardwearing long synthetic bristles help remove excess dirt and hair from. your horse's coat. An attractive lacquer finish protects the carved beech block for a long life.
Wolseley Clipper Oil 200 Ml

High Performance Clipping Oil 250ml

Perfect for keeping your blades cool whilst clipping. Suitable for all types of blades. 

Lister A2 Medium Blades

Lister A2 Medium Blades 

The A2/AC Medium blade leaves more hair on the animal than a fine blade and is ideal for general grooming. This blade is designed for use with the Star, Liberty Lithium but for heavy duty clippers such as the Legend and Fusion, we recommend using Lister blades with a metal socket only.

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