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Equi-Jewel 20kg

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Size: 20kg

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Equi-Jewel is a pelleted high oil rice bran supplement, designed to increase the energy density (calories) of a ration. It is a stabilised rice bran that can be top-dressed onto any ration for extra energy density, to build body condition and provide additional mineral support.

It can be added to boost calorie intake, or to replace part of the ration to reduce concentrate consumption, so can be a good way to encourage picky eaters. The high oil (18%) and fibre levels are naturally occurring, making it very compatible for use alongside all of the other feeds in the Saracen breeding range.

During sales prep, adding another form of supplemental fat to the diet can often be of benefit, both for the effect on the horse's coat and for an additional boost in concentrated energy. Equi-Jewel helps to give sales horses a sleek, well-toned look and an athletic outline.

It is very effective at adding condition, and building muscle and topline, making it ideal for lactating mares (older mares can be particularly susceptible to weight loss) and for over-active or anxious stallions during the breeding season.

Equi-Jewel is specifically designed to nutritionally support thoroughbreds by providing a highly palatable form of additional calories and protein, and the additional benefits of KER's BMC® (Buffered Mineral Complex).

The oil in Equi-Jewel is highly digestible, and is equally as digestible as corn oil, but in a more palatable, pelleted form. 500 grams of Equi-Jewel contains the same amount of energy as 250 millilitres (1/2 pint) of liquid oil.


  • Sales Prepping Foals & Yearlings
  • Mares lacking appetite and needing additional condition and topline during heavy lactation. Older mares that are susceptible to weight loss can also benefit
  • Anxious or overactive stallions needing extra support during a busy covering season
  • Using for any horse as part of controlling starch intake and providing an alternative oil-based energy source


  • High oil high calorie pellet for building condition
  • Stabilised and correctly balanced form of rice bran
  • BMC„¢ providing digestive support
  • Supplemented with additional vitamin E
  • Low starch intake as fed
Nutritional Analytics

Protein 12.5%
Oil 18%
Fibre 8%
Digestible Energy 18 MJ/KG
Starch 20%
Calcium 2.25%
Phosphorus 1.5%
Selenium 1.0 mg/kg
Vitamin E 440 iu/kg


Stabilised Rice Bran
Calcium Carbonate
Maerl (calcareous marine algae)
Vitamin E