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Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8 am to 5:30 pm | Saturday 8 am to 5 pm | Sunday 10 am to 4 pm

Keyflow Pink Mash 15kg

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beetroot, micronised linseed, prebiotics and concentrated Protexin‚® probiotics, this highly palatable and versatile mash is economical and highly effective. This product is suitable for any horse or pony including those at risk of laminitis / horses at risk of stomach ulcers / aged horses and ponies / bare foots / racehorses / performance horses / stallions / broodmares / youngstock / horses at risk of any gastric and digestive upset.

Keyflow Pink Mash is a delicious quick soak mash which provides a significant source of highly digestible super fibre combined with natural antioxidants from beetroot.

World renowned probiotics from Protexin‚® and prebiotics are added to support and stabilise the microbial balance in the hind gut, allowing for more effective and efficient fibre fermentation, better feed conversion, general horse health and gastric comfort.

Micronised linseed is included to carefully balance the omega 3 to 6 ratio of the feed. Pink Mash does not contain added vitamins and minerals making it ideal to add to any existing equine diet without risk of causing imbalance.

Pink Mash‚® is cereal and molasses free, extremely low in starch and sugar and can be safely fed to any horse or pony. Pink Mash‚® can also be fed to partially replace hay or haylage in the diet when needed. Pink Mash‚® is useful and effective to help maintain and restore hydration.

A small amount of the product can be added to a bucket of water to encourage drinking during travelling, competitions or as required. Guidelines for feeding: Do not use boiling water to soak as it may harm the live probiotics which do not like exposure to high temperatures.

For best results soak fresh and fed within 2 hours rather than leaving soaked overnight or throughout the day. Pink Mash is recommended to be fed with Keyflows class leading range of pre-digested feeds and balancers, please explore our website or get in touch with our friendly expert advice team using the help advice section above to discover your perfectly balanced feeding plan.

Nutritional Analytics


Energy De (MJ/kg) 9

Protein 12%

Oils 3.5%

Fibre 40%

Sugar <2%

Starch <2%

Ash 5%


Soya hull super fibre, Dried Beetroot, Micronised Linseed, Protexin Probiotics and Prebiotics.