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Equilibrium Nose Net Relief Pony Black

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Reduce headshaking* with the Net Relief Nose Net for horses prone to headshaking during ridden work.
*79% of horses showed reduced symptoms in trials at De Montford University.rehouse as there's a small delay when adjusting stock levels. Thank you for understanding.

A nose net for horses and one of the most effective products used to help horses who suffer from headshaking during ridden work.

  • Showed improvement in 79% of horses who experience headshaking in clinical trials at De Montfort University
  • Lightweight and discreet contoured mesh for comfortable fit over muzzle.
  • Totally unobtrusive and permitted by British Dressage and British Eventing for use in competition (see rule applying to the use of nose nets for each organisation)

What inspired the Muzzle Net for horses?

Timmy, Cause for Optimism, is the inspiration behind the nose net, and in fact this is the very product that started Equilibrium Products and our mission of helping to improve horse€„¢s wellbeing across the world! Timmy started headshaking as a youngster completely out of the blue. He would violently toss his head, strike out at his nose, rear up and constantly snort. Through many sleepless nights and trial and error, Margaret, his owner, came up with a solution to help him. She didn€„¢t realise that by helping him, she would be helping so many other horses too!

What is the Net Relief Muzzle Net?

Unlike traditional nets that cover the whole muzzle, the Net Relief Muzzle Net€„¢s contoured, shaped design covers only the top half of the muzzle. Once in place, it is unobtrusive, allows saliva to escape from the mouth freely and does not interfere with the horses breathing. It can always remain on the bridle and places no restriction on the type of bit or noseband used.

The results of €˜Net Relief€„¢ in Clinical Trials at De Montfort University in the UK were outstanding:

  • 79% of the animals experienced an improvement in symptoms
  • 84% of respondents said Net Relief was easy to use.
  • 88% of respondents said Net Relief had an attractive appearance on the horse.

What is the material used within this nose net for horses?

The Muzzle Net is designed to have a rough, but comfortable, thin mesh, which is contoured. The reason for the roughness, is that it theoretically provides relief by gently €˜scratching€„¢ the horse€„¢s nose. It is also the reason that 3 nets are included in your purchased pack, so that once the roughness has worn away, you can replace it with a new net. It also means the nose net needs to sit close to your horse€„¢s muzzle. For this reason, the mesh is designed to be able to cut to length, so you can get the perfect fit and best effect for your horse.

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