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Ease & Excel and Ease & Excel Cubes – Your Questions Answered

Ease & Excel and Ease & Excel Cubes – Your Questions Answered

Are Ease & Excel Cubes just the mix in a cube version?
Well, yes, and no! They are formulated to bring very similar nutritional benefits ie. low starch, low sugar, high fibre, high oil but there are subtle differences:

Digestible Energy (DE) (calorie content)
No.21 Ease & Excel – 13MJ/kg
No.24 Ease & Excel Cubes – 12MJ/kg

This means you need to feed slightly more, by weight, of the cubes to deliver the same amount of calories as Ease & Excel “original”.

Eg. 500kg horse in moderate work looks well on daily recommended amount (4kg = 3.25 Stubbs scoops) of Ease & Excel, which delivers 53MJ of DE. To provide the same total daily DE level, you would need to feed 4.4kg (2 ½ Stubbs scoops).

Oil Content
No.21 Ease & Excel – 10.5%
No.24 Ease & Excel Cubes – 8.5%

No.21 contains Baileys’ unique Outshine high oil supplement to deliver the elevated levels of oil. This provides a blend of linseed and soya along with supporting antioxidants to optimise the body’s utilisation of the oil.

No.24 also contains soya and linseed and we have optimised our modern production technology to ensure that our new cubes contain as much oil as possible. This is still not quite as high as we are able to achieve in our Ease & Excel blend.

My horse loves Ease & Excel and is looking great. Why should I change to Ease & Excel Cubes?
We’d always say, “If it’s not broken, there’s no need to fix it”, so, if you and your horse are happy, we’d encourage you to stick with it! Some horses selectively feed when faced with a coarse mix or blend of different feed components - eating the bits they like and leaving the bits they don’t. When this happens, their diet will not be supplying a full balance of nutrients, as some are being left in the bucket or manger, so feeding Ease & Excel Cubes would eliminate this problem.

Why are Ease & Excel Cubes in a 20kg sack, while Ease & Excel is in a 15kg sack?

The cubes are denser so fit easily into our “normal” sack size, whereas No.21 is “fluffier” and we can only fit 15kg in a sack. This also means that a Stubbs scoop of No.24 Ease & Excel Cubes is heavier and weighs 1.8kg, compare to 1.3kg of No.21 Ease & Excel.

Would you feed the same amount of the new cubes as you would Ease & Excel?
To account for potentially limited appetites in those horses prone to gastric ulcers, No.21 Ease & Excel is formulated to be fed at a rate of 0.8kg per 100kg bodyweight to horses in moderate work. No.24 Ease & Excel Cubes are formulated to be fed at the same rate as our other fully balanced mixes and cubes, 1kg per 100kg bodyweight, to horses in moderate work.

This means that a 500kg horse, in moderate work, requires:
4kg No.21 OR 5kg No.24, alongside forage, to receive a fully balanced diet.

My horse is really prone to gastric ulcers; which one should I feed?
Being low in starch and sugar, both would meet your horse’s dietary requirements for keeping starch intake to a minimum, while still supplying elevated calorie levels for condition or performance. No.21 Ease & Excel also contains Protexin In-Feed formula, our bespoke blend of antacids, pre and probiotics and other specialist ingredients, which brings real benefits to supporting the health of the gastric and digestive tract, along its whole length. This is unique to Ease & Excel and helps it achieve the results it does with those horses diagnosed with, or suspected of being prone to, gastric ulcers.

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