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June News

June News

Whilst our Newsletter has been paused you don't have to miss out entirely, we've packed together some useful news and relevant products for June and a chance to win a £20 gift voucher in our monthly Word Search.
  1. Sheep Shearing
  2. Father's Day Gift Ideas
  3. Laminitis
  4. Gardening
  5. Weed Word Search Competition
  6. Rabbit Awareness Week

Sheep Shearing

When to shear sheep?

Physically demanding, sheep shearing usually takes place between May and July.  For the majority, this is an annual event although there are some breeds that have fast growing coats and they will need shearing twice. 

Sheep in countryside

Domesticated over 8,000 years ago, sheep were originally kept for their meat, milk, and hides.  Shearing them for their wool took off about 2,000BC. Romans introduced breeds for their wool. Until the Industrial Revolution sheep shearing was an extremely important industry. The rise in synthetic fibres caused a dwindling of the wool trade but it is hoped that the natural properties of wool are coming back into their own with concerns about environmental pollution from synthetic fibres.

Why shear sheep?

Whether or not you are going to sell the wool, the sheep need to be shorn to keep them healthy.   The coat is heavy, and they will overheat.  There is also a risk that they can get infestations of parasites and flystrike (“maggots”). 

Did you know...

  • In some parts of the world sheep shearing is a sport / competition!
  • A single sheep can produce 8 to 10 pounds (3.5 to 4 kgs) of wool
  • Dagging involves removal of soiled wool from around the back ends of the sheep.

Sheep Shearing products at WVF

Burgon and Ball Sheep Shear Sharpeners - £4.99 + VAT

Why we recommend:

  • Handy pocket size
  • Keeps blades in tip top condition without pulling the blades 'off-cut'
  • Casing contains long life silicon carbide wafer, with spare wafer inside
  • Each wafer can be turned 4 times - simply rotate or flip it inside the sharpener to expose another sharpening face
  • Guaranteed to sharpen at the correct angle – 65o for dagging; 45o for shearing


Burgon and Ball Shearing Cutters - £4.12 + VAT


Why we recommend:

  • Long lasting
  • 5-year guarantee

Lister Wizard Sheep Blades 13T - £44.37 + VAT

Why we recommend:

    • Versatile; can be used for shearing, dagging or clipping dusty, dirty or thick haired cattle
    • Bevelled tip allows easy entry for a smooth finish
    • Suitable with many clippers; Star, Liberty Lithium, Legend and Fusion clipper


    A5 Shearing Blade Set - £30.79 + VAT

    1 comb and 2 cutters supplied in a blister pack


    UF 30ml Pour-on Gun - £24.95+ VAT 

    A number of Pour On products available in store.

    Please speak with one of our RAMA (Registered Animal Medicines Advisors) if you require advice on:

    • Clikzin
    • Clik / Clik EXTRA
    • Crovect
    • Fly Off

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    Top Father's Day Gift Ideas at WVF

    Father’s Day in the UK came in to being in the 1950’s having had its inception in the USA in the early 1900’s. It isn’t a public holiday here (unlike USA, who made it a public holiday in 1972 under President Nixon) but it is a day to celebrate and commemorate our fathers. It isn’t always easy to think of a gift to show your appreciation but we have a range of products that just might help you.


    1. Equestrian Tumbler 11 oz Single £26.94 

    • Hand crafted, UK made by the English Pewter Company
    • 9 cm high with a pewter base to add style and a satisfying weight when using
    • Horse head adornment making this an eye-catching piece of giftware

    2. Odds and Sods for Garden Bods - £11.99

    • Tin full of treasures for garden bods!
    • Packed to the brim with useful bits & bobs for gardeners!
    • Plenty of useful stuff to trim, label and tie your favourite garden plants. 
    • You can even use the tin to store seeds afterwards.


    3. Range of Cufflinks


    Our top 3 cufflinks:


    4. Folding Pocket Secateurs Green - £12.98


    • Tough secateurs that fold down to just 3cm x 9cm and slip into a special pouch
    • Robust secateurs can cut through an impressive 15mm stem
    • You'll also find 2 useful tools hidden inside the handles - a garden knife and mini saw


    5. Selection of Books

    Some serious, some not so – covering all sorts dogs, cats, horses, fish and much much more……..


    6. Sweet William Mugs

    • Adorable mugs with a distinct pattern by Sweet William
    • Come in their own kraft gift box so no awkward wrapping
    • Dishwasher and microwave safe

    7. Handkerchief Gift Box - £11.94


    • For the traditional Dad
    • Three coloured handkerchiefs with white dots in the centre and stripes on the edges.

    Don't forget the wrapping paper & card...

    Gift wrap

    • We offer a selection of gift wrap perfect for Father's Day.

    A range of Cards

    •  Make your father feel special with our locally designed cards by Sarah Boddy.


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    What is Laminitis?

    Laminitis is an extremely complex and painful condition. It is mainly found in horses, ponies, donkeys. It affects the feet of the animal with weakening of the sensitive tissues (laminae) that bond the main bone in the hoof (pedal bone) to the hoof wall.

    3 types of Laminitis

    There are three main types (causes) of laminitis.  Overload laminitis is the least common of the three and is due to animal having a non-weight bearing condition in one limb which then overloads the opposite limb. In this instance supporting the limb will help reduce the risk of the condition.

    The second and most common is, metabolic laminitis, is related to the horse having abnormal control of their metabolism of carbohydrates – there are two conditions – EMS (Equine Metabolic Syndrome) and PPID (Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction, previously known as equine Cushing’s disease). 

    Inflammatory laminitis is also related to dietary problems in which the horse consumes too much grass/sugar leading to a variety of symptoms but ultimately results in systemic illness and absorption of toxins into the blood which have far reaching effects in the lamellae of the hoof.

    How to prevent Laminitis?

    Prevention is better than cure. Given that laminitis is such a complex and painful condition for your animal and expensive economically and psychologically for you, the owner, the best course of action is to adopt gold standards of dietary management (preventing obesity) and exercise. Checking your horse’s feet are properly balanced, keeping hooves trimmed and shoed regularly and checking frequently for signs of laminitis by observing the horse walking on hard ground, checking how they turn in a tight circle, checking digital pulses and checking fat score. 

    How to treat Laminitis?

    Treatment – laminitis is an emergency

    1. Call your vet, farrier / trimmer
    2. Remove your horse from grass but move as little as possible and support feet first
    3. Confine on deep supportive bedding (sand / shavings / wood pellets)
    4. Support the feet with boots and pads Styrofoam (under instruction from your vet farrier)
    5. Give pain killers (NSAIDs – non-steroidal anti-inflammatory)
    6. Apply cold therapy to the feet (if feet feel hot, ice them)
    7. Give a low non-structural carbohydrate (NSC) diet based on grass hay
    8. Blood tests and X-rays to diagnose the cause and assess damage to pedal bone
    9. Trim hooves and realign any rotation

    Products to help with Laminitis

    Welland Valley Feeds can help you with many aspects of laminitis – we stock a wide range of grass, forage and hay from different companies to accommodate all your horse, pony etc dietary requirements – Allen & Page, Baileys, Dengie, Dodson & Horrell, Spillers, Top Spec

    Woof Ice Therapy Boots with gel packs - £49.99

    • Versatile; One size; 7mm closed cell neoprene therapy boot
    • Touch and close fastenings for improved fit
    • Elasticated mesh pockets to hold hot/cold gel packs as well as ice.

    Woof Medical Hoof Boot - £33.00

    • Unique close fitting hoof boot to keep wound, dressings and poultices clean
    • Clever design provides extra grip, durability (could last for 2 to 3 weeks although it is not indestructible!)
    • Really close fit to prevent ingress of bedding and other debris
    • Can be worn with or without shoe but needs to be carefully measured / fitted. 10 sizes
    • Assists with ailments including abscess, punctured or bruised sole

    We recommend always using a generous sized overreach boot over the top of MHB to protect it should your horse stand on himself or overreach. We recommend this on both front and hind hooves

    Horse Measuring Tape - £6.50

    • Pocket Size retractable measuring tape
    • Strongly constructed
    • Marked in hands and centimetres.

    Dodson & Horrell Weightape -  £9.95


    Electric Fence Post Green 102cm - £1.74

    • To narrow down feed area for horses who are prone to eat more than their fair share and therefore gain weight!

    Price Break Available:


    £1.74 each

    10 – 49

    £1.50 each

    50 – 99

    £1.25 each

    100 +

    £1.14 each


    Try Grazing Muzzles to assist with controlled eating regimes:

    Fleece Lined Grazing Muzzle - £22.98

    Comfort Grazing Muzzle - £24.98 




    Bailey’s Ultra Grass 12.5kg -  £9.95 

    • Pure UK grown dried grass
    • Fibre and energy rich
    • No added sugar or molasses
    • Ideal complete or partial forage replacer

    Dengie Healthy Hooves 20kg - £12.95

    • A nutritionally balanced, low-calorie, high-fibre feed
    • For leisure horses and ponies
    • Combining essential nutrients for healthy hooves with a light molasses coating

    Dengie Molasses Free Healthy Hooves 20kg - £12.95


    • Proven Nutrients for healthy Hooves Molasses Free
    • Full range of B vitamins including biotin at levels that research has shown to be effective at maximising hoof health
    • Low sugar and starch – research has shown that horses and ponies predisposed to laminitis are at greater risk if fed cereals

    Rowen Barbary Forage & Fibre 20kg - £10.60

    • A fully balanced cereal free blend of natural fibres
    • Low energy high fibre formula with low starch and sugar levels but added vitamins and a light coating of soya oil
    • Good for horses at maintenance or in low levels of work and good doers on a restricted diet.

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    Gardening in June is all about regular and consistent maintenance of your plants – WEED, FEED and WATER. Tubs and baskets need to be attended to ensure they look their best.

    Watering Cans - £7.49

    • Choose a colour; available in Blue, Pink, Green and Red
    • Lightweight
    • Spray rose included
    • Large capacity; 10 litres

    How to keep a lush lawn

    Lawns need to be mowed weekly and WVF have a range of products to help you keep your lawn looking lush and weed free.

    Vigilance will help spot any weeds, diseases, pests that need attention.

    Vitax products

    • Vitax was coined by their first managing director, Eric Hutchinson.  He wanted a word that demonstrated their products were “essential to organic life”
    • They proudly hold a Royal Warrant demonstrating their quality

    Top products to make your garden standout this summer

    1. Aftercut Lawn Feed, Weed and Moss - £19.98

    • 400 m2 coverage – For a stronger greener lawn – this product gets the job done!
    • Greens your lawn in 7 days killing at least 12 varieties of weeds, including roots (although retreatment may be required for heavy infestation).
    • Kills moss fast (moss turns black as it dies but the discolouration is temporary).


    1. Creocote 4 litre Dark Brown £8.50 – Product Code: 72923

    An oil based treatment which provides as excellent surface water repellent thereby restricting weather damage.  1 litre covers 6 – 8 m2 depending on the texture and porosity of the timber being treated


    3. Cucumber Telegraph Improved - £2.00

    • Archetypal English cucumber dating back to the Victorian Era – the name is probably derived by the look of the fruits
    • These produce long slender think skinned cucumbers with a sweet and nutty flavour

    4. Rejuvenator Grass Seed 1 acre 10kg - £44.95

    • Rejuvenator is an economical, medium term solution for repairing damaged pastures and boosting yields.


    5. Lawn Rescue 500ml £6.59

    • “Get Off Spray” revives soiled discoloured lawns
    • Helps prevent repeat soiling by neutralising staining agents and acids in pet urine
    • Converts the urine into natural salts which pass down easily to the grass roots and provide nourishment for the lawn

    6. Vitax Lawn Clear 250ml - £9.25

    • Kills clover, buttercup, daisy and dandelion
    • Treats 150m2. One application a year between April and October
    • Not to be applied to lawns less than one year old
    • Do not mow three days before & three days after application to facilitate full uptake and movement within the plant.

    7. Vitax Enhance Liquid Lawn Feed 1 litre - £9.50

    • Apply 2 – 3 times during growing season (March – September) although monthly use may enhance lawn to professional pitch.
    • Contains added seaweed and turf wetting agent which helps to reduce grass stress and enhance root growth
    • Can be used in wet or dry conditions, and also on freshly germinated and newly established lawns
    • Children and pets allowed on the grass following application

     8. Vitax Liquid Growmore 1 litre - £6.98 

    • Makes 300 litres of general-purpose fertiliser
    • For strong healthy growth all around the garden – lawns, fruit and veg


    Vitax House Plant Feed 200ml - £2.99

    • Good all-round plant fertiliser with added seaweed
    • Can be diluted with water or applied direct to compost and watered in
    • Use each time you water your plants during spring and summer; during autumn and winter can water at 4 – 6-week intervals


    1. Vitax Liquid Tomato Feed 1 litre £4.85 – Product Code: 21337

    An easy to use, high potash fertiliser that makes 250 litres to help you produce a crop of juicy tomatoes – whether you are growing them indoors or outdoors.


    1. Tomorite Tomato Feed 2.5 lite £9.95 – Product Code: 23825

    A liquid feed which encourages high yields of top-quality full flavoured tomatoes. Can also be used for sweet peppers and aubergines. Dilute 20ml of Feed with 4.5 litres of water and apply to the base of the plant avoiding the foliage

    12 Vitax Copper Slug Tape 4 metres - £6.48

    • Protect up to 12 5 inch pots
    • Apply the copper tape which will give the slug / snail a small electric shock encouraging them to turn away


    1. Slug Gel 650ml £4.95 – Product Code: 369881

    Nontoxic organic gel which can be applied to soil or hard surfaces to treat or prevent slug damage to plants. Creates a 30 cm barrier around your plants. Lasts up to 2 weeks and is rain proof.

    14. Vitax SBK Brushwood Killer 500ml - £15.59

    • A soluble concentrate weedkiller treating 166m2.
    • Use on brambles, thistles and nettles, broom, gorse and non-crop areas applying from May to October
    • Can also be used on tree stumps in autumn and winter (after sap has stopped rising)
    • Not to be used during drought or freezing conditions.

    15. Roundup Pump N Go 5 litre RTU - £29.99

    • Fast action
    • Starts working on weeds and roots within hours
    • Visible results within 1 – 2 days
    • Safe for children and pets once dry and can also replant.

    National Insect Week

     It is National Insect Week at the end of June (22nd – 28th) – this comes round every two years and is to encourage people of all ages to learn about insects



    Ant fact – Ants can lift 20 times their own body weight. Queen ants can live for many years (15+)

    Within the UK there are 3 dozen species of ants.  Three types of ants are in the social colonies - The Queen ant is the one who lays all the eggs and the colony will die once the Queen dies so it is important to get your ant killer into the nest.  Male ants fly and mate with the queen, dying not long after they have succeeded in this job. Female ants are the “workers” – they are sterile and protect and feed the Queen.

    Pest Control

    Whilst we may appreciate insects in nature, there may be a need for pest control at home. To do this we supply a number of products that help you effectively control pests.

    Nippon Ant Killer Powder 300g - £4.75

    • Can be used on black ants, crawling insects (including cockroaches, beetles, earwigs, silverfish, woodlice)
    • Suitable for wasp nests (also poisonous to bees) indoors or outdoors


    Nippon Ant Killer Liquid 25g - £2.65

    • Can be used indoors or outdoors
    • Particularly good if you don’t know where the nest is or it is inaccessible
    • Place 3 to 4 drops on a clean surface near the ant run


    Nippon Pest Smoker – 2 pack - £9.98

    • For indoor use to fumigate bedbugs, fleas, ants, weevil and flying insects. Odourless.
    • Treats infested area within 2 hours.
    • For best results, place cannister low down in the room and fumigate late afternoon leaving the house closed overnight. 
    • Do not use in animal houses.


    Nippon Ant Control System Trap - £7.25

    • Two refillable bait stations and 25g of Nippon Ant Killer Liquid
    • Effective for up to one month (although initially must change bait every day until ant activity ceases (which is usually about 7 – 10 days)
    • Indoor and outdoor use
    • Domestic and industrial use


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    Weed Word Search Competition

    For your chance to win a £20.00 Voucher to spend in store at Welland Valley Feeds complete and return this word search to  by Monday 22nd June 2020

    Printer friendly version here


    1. ANNUAL
    2. Bindweed
    3. Broad Leaved Dock
    4. Buttercup
    5. Common Dandelion
    6. Couch Grass
    7. Daisy
    8. LAWN
    9. Lesser Trefoil
    10. Moss
    11. Mouse Ear Chickweed
    12. Oxalis
    14. Nettle
    15. Ribwort Plantain
    16. Sealfheal
    17. Thistle
    18. White Clover


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    Rabbit Awareness Week

    Rabbit awareness week (RAW) began in 2006.  For 2020 RAW are seeking to raise awareness of Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic Disease 2 (RVHD2). 

    In these weird times with the world in lockdown from COVID-19 it is interesting to note some similarities between COVID-19 and RVHD2.

    RVHD2 is a new variant of a viral disease that was initially identified in China in 1984 – RVHD1 – lethal and contagious it spread throughout Italy, Europe and then on to New Zealand and USA.  The genomic sequence is known, and, unlike COVID-19, there is a vaccine to prevent & protect your rabbit from getting it – this is the important message for rabbit owners – get your rabbit vaccinated

    The British Veterinary Association have recommended that vets continue to vaccinate rabbits despite the restrictions placed on us by COVID-19. RVHD2 vaccination requires an additional visit to your vet (it is not covered in the combined RVHD1 + myxomatosis vaccine) who will consult in the car park, take your pet in to the surgery for the vaccination and return it to you in the car park.

    RVHD2 is often fatal – it causes internal bleeding – often has no symptoms to note and when there are symptoms they can be confused with other health conditions (fever, tiredness, coma).  The virus can be transmitted in many ways (bites / droppings from birds insects; wind; owners hands; from soles of shoes…..) which is another reason to protect your rabbit against this virulent disease.

    Rabbits are not dissimilar to humans – they are social animals and need a good living environment and a partner to keep them company is always good – preferably neutered (which in female rabbits also reduces the risk of cancer of the uterus to which rabbits are prone).  Their hutches / space should enable them to run freely and they should be able to stand to their full height on their back feet without touching the ceiling. 

    The list below summarises key important care requirements not listed above:

    • Daily checks on eating, drinking and toileting
    • Weekly checks on nails and teeth
    • Monthly checks on weight and body condition
    • Health checks for behaviour chnges, lumps & bumps
    • Common problems: gut stasis; FLYSTRIKE; snuffles; parasites

    We've got plenty of products to take care of your furry friend

    Pillow Wad Meadow Hay soft - £3.50

    • palatable full of natural vitamins
    • longer unchopped strands to help retain natural goodness and increase benefits for dental wear and digestion

    Rabbit Pellets 2kg - £1.50


    Rabbit Mix 2kg £2.80


    Ancol Rabbit Harness and 120cm lead - £5.80

    Ancol Just4Pets Rabbit Play Tunnel - £12.70

    • 128 cm long with a central hole
    • Collapsable when not in use

    Classic Midi Rabbit Bottle 320 ml - £1.60

    • Available in in red, yellow or blue
    • Anti-rust stainless steel, twin ball
    • Non-leak and gnaw resistant 

    Tiny Friends Farm Russel Rabbit Original Tasty Mix 2.5kg - £4.99

    • For natural foraging , based on alfalfa
    • Includes fibrous ingredients, assists in wearing down of rabbits continuously growing teeth 

    Burgess Excel Rabbit Light Nuggets 2kg - £5.60

    • With Mint & pre-biotic for digestive health,
    • Fortified with vitamins and minerals for healthy eyes, skin and coat
    • Contains anti-oxidants to support the immune system

    Chudleys Rabbit Royale pellets 15kg - £13.50

    • Cereal and forage with added herbs and vegetables
    • 32% beneficial fibre

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    Prices in this blog post are accurate at the time of posting. Welland Valley Feeds may change prices from time to time or remove any offers and these may not be reflected in this post. 

    Any information in this blog post is not to replace the advice of a vet. Please seek advice from a vet if you have any concerns for your animal.






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