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November News

November News

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  1. Announcements
  2. Wordsearch
  3. New in
  4. BEDMAX Win Manufacturer of the Year
  5. November 2020 Promotional Offers
  6. Mud Fever
  7. Cosy Nights In
  8. Feed the Birds in November
  9. Helping Hedgehogs in Trouble
  10. Calving
  11. Calving Accessories


Respecting the 2 minute Silence – Wednesday 11th November 2020 11 a.m

On the 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour we will respect the 2-minute silence. We’re not ignoring you, we’re respecting the sacrifices made for us.

Remembrance Day – 11-11-2020 (Remembrance Sunday 08-11-2020)

Remembrance Day had its inception in 1919 following the signing of the Armistice Agreement to end World War I (1914 – 1918) on the 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour.  At that time, it was called “Armistice Day”; armistice is Latin for “to stand (still) arms”.   With the advent of World War II (1939 – 1945), the” commemoration was moved to a Sunday. Remembrance Sunday came into being following a Bill in parliament in 1956 which is why we have the National Service of Remembrance at the Cenotaph on the second Sunday in the month. With a two-minute silence, we reflect on and are reminded of the sacrifices that have been made by soldiers and civilians who fought in the two world wars as well as other conflicts.

What a difference a year makes!

Reflecting on our November 2019 newsletter when we launched our Click and Collect service, we had no idea how rapidly the demand for this service would be when lockdown in March 2020 hit us all.

We hope you have found this service to add a positive dimension to your shopping experience – and we strive to keep you safe. Orders online can be collected – we will bring your order to your car.

If you prefer you can order over the phone – and again, no need to queue at the store, just call us when you are in the carpark and we will bring your goods to you.

Remember we offer a FREE local delivery service too – please speak to a member of our team for more information on 01858 461463

Local Classified adverts relevant to our industry can still be seen via our website

  • Agricultural
  • Equestrian
  • Gardening
  • Hay & Straw
  • Lost & Found
  • Miscellaneous
  • Pet
  • Poultry
  • Situations Vacant
  • Vehicles & Trailers

The cost to advertise is £5 per 30 words, £10 per 60 words. Email advert – can pay for advert online via our website or telephone us on 01858 461463

Local Delivery Service Available

We have 3 vehicles delivering within approximately a 15-mile radius of our store. If you would like a delivery – telephone your order through by 2 p.m. the day prior to your dedicated delivery day so that our drivers, Joe, Jack, Sam and Matt can prepare their routes and head out promptly.

  • Equine Bedding, Feed, Supplies
  • Pet Food, Bedding and Accessories
  • Agricultural Feed Supplies and accessories
  • Domestic Supplies
  • Logs & Kindling Sticks

Again, full product range can be viewed online. Unable to delivery certain chemicals and frozen food. We ask for a minimum of 10 bulk items – share the quantity by ordering with others from your livery yard. Deliveries within Market Harborough on Friday do not apply to the 10 bulk item rule.

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Winner of the Blue Chip Wordsearch competition from our October Newsletter is Oscar Ross, age 6, from Fleckney.

Thank you to all those who took part!

November’s Word Search has been sponsored by Gateway1 who are donating a free pair of pheasant boots to this month’s winner.

Gateway1’s logo is the buffalo – symbolising strength and survival. Their mission is to provide functional, super comfy boots with top performance and maximum ecology. They provided us with 30 words for the word search describing some of the makes and qualities of their products. 

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New in

New AriatTek Masks £12.95 each


Crafted from a technical high-stretch knit our layered protective masks are washable and reusable. We’ve designed them for comfort with laser cut ears, cooling fabrication, UPF 50+ and an advanced fabric finish to inhibit the growth of bacterial odours.

  • Non-medical, reusable mask
  • Fabric protected with antimicrobial finish*
  • High-stretch technical knit
  • Bonded and layered protective mesh interior
  • Flexible ear loops for all face sizes
  • Cooling fabrication
  • Odour control
  • HAND WASH: Machine washing can cause damage

Available in Unisex Adult Sizes: S/M, L/XL

Ariat Team II Cap Periscope/ Imperial Violet £20.00 

Ariat Burford Ladies Wellingtons £120

  • Colour: Navy Sizes: 4-8

Ariat Burford Men’s Insulated Wellingtons £150

  • Colour: Olive Sizes: 7-12

Ariat Sterling Waterproof Insulated Parka £220

Ariat New Team Softshell Jacket £105

  • Colour: Banyan Bark Sizes: XS-XL

Ariat Tek Team ½ Zip Sweatshirt £70

Ariat Keats Full Zip Hoodie Team £75

  • Sizes: XS-XXL

Grubs Tideline 4.0™ The Ultimate Lightweight Boot £69.95

  • Colours: Green or Plum Sizes: 4-8

Ideal boot for people who love the outdoors and walking their dogs. Equipped with New Superlite® technology that offers wearers comfortable support whilst being lightweight, warm and waterproof.

New in from Aigle

Aigle Benyl Medium Wellington Boots £85.00

  • Sizes 4 – 12 Colour: Kaki

Aigle Parcour 2 Bottillon Short Wellington Boots £95.00

  • Sizes: Adult 4 – 12 Colour: Bronze

Aigle Reva Iso Ladies Wellington Boots £150

  • Sizes: Adult 4 – 8 Colour: Kaki

We also stock Aigle Parcours VArio 2, Aigle Parcours Iso 2, Parcours Iso 2 Open

Our Popular Beanie LED Head light with charger is now available in child size @ £9.95 Navy

Adult size available in Orange, Yellow and Black @ £13.95


This warm and comfortable acrylic beanie hat features a removable LED front light for superior visibility in low light conditions. The rechargeable LED can be charged in a USB port.

  • 4 Hours Run Time
  • 150 Lumens
  • Function – High/Medium/Flash
  • USB Rechargeable Battery Included

LED Cuff Beanie Red or Black £34.99


  • Sizes: S/M, L/XL

New Product Clipperman Agri Shearer £249.95

  • A heavy duty, 380W shearer, with a cutting speed of 2,500RPM, ideal for use on sheep or cattle.
  • Easy to use, weighing only 1.4kg, with a 56mm handle width.
  • Quick and simple blade tension adjustment. Includes standard CL13 Agri shearing blade set, blade guard, clipper oil, cleaning brush, screwdriver, instruction manual and two year warranty.

Now back in stock Sealskinz

Quickdry Mid Length Socks Grey/White £14.94

  • Sizes: M, L, XL

Allweather Light Gloves Black £34.99

  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL


Allweather Water Repellent Gloves £29.95

  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL – Colour:  Black

Ultragrip Kniitted Glove Black £39.95


New in stock from Heather Hats

We are pleased to bring you new stock from Heather Hats and Accessories.  Founded in 2012 by Lee Williamson and Jon Stafford.  Initially, with their background in hat manufacturing, they produced 10 styles made from iconic Harris Tweed, waxed cotton from Halley Stevensons of Dundee and British tweeds from Moon and Mallalieus.  They have extended their range to include accessories of handbags, wallets, gloves etc. 

Callum Harris Tweed Wallet Green/Brown Herringbone £16.94


Ethan Harris Tweed Laptop Bag Green/Brown Herringbone £75.00


Brodie Harris Tweed Travel Bag Green/Brown Herringbone £109.99

Grant Tweed Washbag Green/Brown Herringbone £29.94


Niall Harris Tweed Leather Belt Green/Brown £22.50



Elsa Harris Tweed Bowling Bag Peacock Blue £49.95


Freya Harris Tweed Cosmetic Bag Peacock Blue £24.95


Fiona Harris Tweed Tote Bag Peacock Blue £49.95


Evie Harris Tweed Purse Peacock Blue £29.95


Rhona Harris Tweed Cadet Cap Peacock Blue £24.95


Eilean Harris Tweed Skipper Cap Peacock Blue £18.95


Rosalie Baseball Cap Peacock Blue £18.95


Isla Harris Tweed/Fleece Gloves Peacock £14.95 pair


Elise Saddle Bag £44.95


Ailsa Wax Downbrim Hat £14.95


Brora Drywax Baseball Cap £12.95


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We were pleased to read the following:

BEDMAX Win Manufacturer of the Year in North East Business Awards 2020

We stock Bedmax along with many other types of bedding – Littlemax Shavings, Megazorb, Aubiose, Pure Flake Shavings, Snowflake Equine Wood Pellets, Bedkind Cardboard bedding, Nedzbed Original, Nedzbed Pro, Terravesta Miscanthus Bedding,

Stablezone Disinfectant 5kg £21.49

Gateway Pheasant Game Lady Boot Brown £139.98

Gateway Pheasant Game Men’s Boot Olive £139.98


Gateway Pheasant Men’s Side Zipped Boot Olive £169.98 

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November 2020 Promotional Offers

£2 off Topspec Ulsakind Cubes – Now £11.95

£2 off Equerry Conditioning Mash – Now £10.95

Kangaru Feed Skip S1 11 Litres

Normal Price £10.48

Special Offer Price £8.95

Or 2 for £15.00 (£7.50 each)

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Mud, mud (not so) glorious mud…

Our equine friends can be troubled by a condition colloquially called “Mud Fever” usually affecting the pastern and heel area.  As with all things to do with health (animals or humans for that matter), “Mud Fever” isn’t really as straightforward as it sounds!  For starters, horses can get the condition without standing in mud!  Mud Fever is sometimes also known as grease heel, cracked heel and dew poisoning (seen in the summer when early morning dew is followed by hot sun).

Equine Pastern Dermatitis” is the medical term for “Mud Fever”.  Causes include being continually exposed to wet and cold conditions or working out in sandy arenas as these circumstances may contribute to damage of the protective barrier of the skin. Such damage can allow bacteria that thrive in muddy wet conditions (commonly, but not solely, Dermatophilus Congolensis) to enter and cause skin irritation, scabs, and sores.  But the horse may have an infestation of tiny mites like those that cause scabies in humans.  Fungal infections rather than bacteria may be the cause but even more complicated (although fortunately much less common) is the possibility of a disorder of the horses’ immune system or photosensitivity.  Easily avoided potential causes of this painful condition include excessive washing and scrubbing, and poor environmental conditions.

Prevention is better (but not necessarily easier) than cure: 

  • Check your horses’ legs thoroughly every day
    • Catching any problems earlier means it should be easier and quicker to treat
    • Consider clipping out feathery legs to facilitate checks
  • Remove mud and dirt using a soft brush rather than excessive washing and scrubbing
  • If you do wash your horses’ legs, ensure you rinse and dry thoroughly afterwards
  • Keep your horse on dry and clean bedding
  • If you can, bring your horse in off the pasture each day to allow legs to dry
  • If you can’t bring your horse in, good pasture management is the order of the day
    • change the point at which you enter the field / rotate the paddocks
    • move the water trough regularly
    • cover muddy areas with straw (although straw and sand are both known to irritate horses’ legs too)
    • use of electric fencing to prevent your horse standing in muddy areas of the field
  • Waterproofing your horses’ (clean and dry) legs using barrier creams before exercise or turn out
  • Protective boots may help keep legs clean, dry and mud free but ensure these do not cause damage to the skin barrier by rubbing / ill fitting

Treatment of Mud Fever will depend on the cause of your horse’s problem. Simple and first line treatment will involve cleansing the affected area with an appropriate solution to soften and remove the scabs, keeping the area clean and thoroughly dry.  Scabs need attending to every 3 – 4 days as doing them more frequently can make the skin too dry.  Veterinary input may be necessary if the scabs are large as sedation may be required.  If the condition persists or worsens as your horse may require tests to diagnose the correct cause and/or prescription medications to help them heal.

Nettex 7 Day Away  £9.95 / 500ml


    • Produced in the UK, this unique product uses an innovative formulation that prevents mud, dirt and grime sticking to all areas of your horse (body, legs, mane, tail) with one application lasting for up to seven days.
    • This assists with easier winter grooming but can be used all year round.
    • Creates a waterproof barrier to the skin, protecting against mud related conditions (less washing legs in winter) and allows quick removal of soil by simple brushing.

    Muddy Marvel De-Scab £5.94 / 100ml

      • A penetrating solution that helps soften scabs brought on by wet and muddy conditions.
      • The unique solution cleanses the skin, removes the need to soak scabs before attempting to pick them off (which can cause bleeding and soreness) and breaks the cycle of scabs reforming.

      Muddy Marvel Barrier Cream  £14.94 / 600ml

        • An advanced formula product made in the UK.  Provides a breathable highly effective waterproof barrier cream which also contains antibacterial agents to shield against wet and muddy conditions. 
        • Moisturises and maintains elasticity to prevent drying, cracking and chapping of your horses’ skin. Can be applied to any area that needs treating and one application lasts 7 days.

        Protection Plus  £12.95 / 500ml

          • Containing 3 key ingredients (oil of citronella, anti-bacterial agent, petroleum jelly) this pink antibacterial ointment is a tack box essential.
          • Acting as a barrier it also protects and waterproof wounds.

          Pig Oil and Sulphur £6.95 1 litre

            • Especially popular with shire horses, this old recipe is available in 1 litre and 5 litres.
            • It is used for the conditioning of legs and feathers by creating a barrier to wet and muddy environments.

            Pettifer’s Leg Shield £8.95

              • Reduce the likelihood of your horse or pony contracting mud fever or other soil-based infections by smoothing this waterproof shield over the belly and legs until invisible. 
              • For use prior to hacking, cross country and especially on horses turned out in muddy paddocks. 
              • Also contains high quality silicones which also facilitate easy grooming.

              Lincoln Muddy Buddy Powder £9.50 / 350g

                • This antibacterial powder shields your horse’s lower legs when in wet and muddy conditions by forming a highly effective water repellent “film”. This keeps the skin dry and protects it from softening.
                • When applied the mud doesn’t stick, it glides off.  Mud, arena sand and bedding do not adhere to the powder. 
                • For added peace of mind and protection, the powder can be applied under turnout / brushing boots

                Lincoln Muddy Buddy Ointment  £8.94 / 500g

                  • An antibacterial waterproof barrier to be applied liberally to clean, dry skin on heels and lower legs prior to turn out.
                  • Soothes and protects allowing your horse to be turned out, even in severe conditions.
                  • Provides protection in long, dewy grass when skin can become softened and vulnerable. Contains sulphur.

                  Lincoln Muddy Buddy Scrub £6.49 / 500ml

                    • An effective broad-spectrum antiseptic leg wash to gently cleanse and soothe muddy, sore and chapped skin leaving it hygienically clean.
                    • Glycerine moisturises and soothes your horses’ skin. Can be used daily whilst at risk.
                    • After removing excess mud using clean water, apply directly to the legs and working lather through the hair onto the skin. Leave for 5 minutes before rinsing off with clean water. Dry thoroughly. DO NOT USE A SPONGE TO APPLY (can contain bacteria)

                    Keratex Mud Shield Powder  £11.50 / 450g

                      • A unique waterproofing powder which can be applied daily by “puffing” from the container onto your horses’ clean and dry legs, pasterns and fetlocks – then rub into their skin against the lay of the hair to provide a silky layer helping mud to slide off easily.
                      • A breathable and resilient coat of powder that doesn’t absorb water. 

                      WoofWear Mud Fever Boots (S, M, L, XL) £59.94

                        • An innovative waterproof, breathable boot which seals your horses’ leg from the knee to the base of the heel.
                        • The material helps prevent overheating around the cannon bone and a close-fitting hoof capsule with Kevlar reinforced heel protection helps keep them clean and dry. 
                        • Brushing protection is also afforded by a shaped PU strike pad. 

                        Shires Mud Socks £21.98

                          • A set of 2 neoprene mud socks with touch tape closure fastenings, suitable for the front or hind legs of your horse.
                          • Providing full coverage of the lower legs, these mud socks are designed to keep the legs cleaner and drier during winter and muddier months. 
                          • The neoprene is soft, flexible and shock absorbing for comfort.  Airflow perforations help to prevent the legs from overheating.

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                          Make the Most of Cosy Nights In

                          The Deer Stalker’s Bedside Book by Charles Smith-Jones £20.00

                          • This collection of anecdotes, curiosities, tall tales and yarns provides an entertaining, informative read for experienced and novice deer enthusiasts alike.
                          • So, cosy up and dip in or read from cover to cover – it works either way.

                          Between The Coverts: The Shooter’s Bedside Book by Charles Smith-Jones  £20.00

                          • A gold mine companion work.
                          • Even if you are not interested in field sports, there is plenty of information about various birds and animals to interest you whilst you while away the autumn winter evenings. 

                          The Keen Countryman’s Miscellany by Peter Holt £16.95

                          • Peter Holt was a former Fleet Street gossip columnist so this book, packed with a random selection of entries, is likely to be a perfect gift for someone with an enquiring mind and a sense of humour.

                          Draught Excluder Golden Retriever £26.94

                          • Beautiful golden retrievers on a cream background with the reverse in a check design fabric. 
                          • A Zip fastening makes the mixed fibres cover machine washable. 90 x 20cm (36 x8”)

                          Geese Throw Soft Grey/Green 130 x 190cm £87.95

                          • Snuggle up in this beautiful soft grey and light green coloured pure wool (100% lambswool) throw (Also available : Pony/Black; Sheep/Soft grey; Chicken/Blue)

                          Fireplace Tools and Wall Plate £44.99

                          • Wall plate in black scroll design with three black cast-iron tools (shovel, brush, poker) Size: 90 x 34 x 4cm

                          Instant Light Firelog £1.74

                          • Individually wrapped logs; constructed from recycled saw dust and wax; just light the wrapper to get 2 hours of burning. 
                          • Can be used in stoves, open fires, fire pits and bonfires.

                          Individually Wrapped Firelighters  £2.25

                          • 8 individually wrapped blocks; clean and convenient to use on your charcoal barbecue, stove, camp/open fire.

                          Eco-Friendly Firelighter Cubes 96 £2.50

                          • Contains 96 firelighters made from renewable vegetable wax, no nasty chemicals, carbon neutral.

                          Chimney Clean Log £8.95

                          • Cleans and helps prevent chimney fires; for open or closed fireplaces – wood and coal stoves.
                          • One-year guarantee.

                          Net of Logs £4.95

                          Net of Kindling Sticks £4.35


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                          Feed the Birds, Feed the Birds

                          Birds rely on fruits (berries, haws or hips) from Rowan / Mountain Ash), crab apple tree and hawthorn trees and various autumnal shrub.  Help nature along by feeding the birds with a nice well stocked hygienically clean feeder – if you use different sizes, varieties, and locations you will be rewarded with a variety of visitors. 

                          Welland Valley Feeds stock a wide range of feeders as well as the seeds, mealworms, suet blocks etc – here are a selection of the feeders to whet your appetite but check out all our bird food and feeders online. Some of the slightly different ones we have in the range are:

                          Eco Beacon Bird Feeder £7.99

                          • Designed and manufactured in Britain, this subtle mottled green coloured feeder is made from recycled “second life” plastic.
                          • Light weight with integral hanging loop. Suitable for seeds, hearts and kibbled nuts with a see-through hopper to monitor food levels.
                          • Suitable for small bird species such as tits, nuthatches, bullfinches.

                          Petal Bird Feeder Blue £9.95

                          • Ceramic daisy shaped feeder with drainage hole to stop it filling with rain. Pretty and colourful (Available in blue, red or yellow).
                          • The metal stem with ground spikes can be placed in your garden border, lawn, or pots.  When assembled measures 70cm. The petal feeder is 14cm in diameter and depth. Suitable for small garden birds

                          Ceramic Robin Bird Feeder £12.95

                          • This adorable red and brown hi-fired ceramic feeder makes an excellent seasonal or birthday gift.  Frost resistant, it comes with a strong steel hanging wire.
                          • Easy to clean with drainage holes to keep the seeds, nuts, mealworms or bird treats dry.  Suitable for small garden birds such as robins, blue tits, great tits

                          Urban Bird Feeder Box £16.98

                          • A sleek contemporary wildlife habitat for small birds to “dine in”!  Clayplas+ outer shell has a 10yr materials guarantee.
                          • Can be hung square or as a diamond. Interior is made of recycled plastic for superior bird hygiene, can be fully rinsed with water. The entrance hole is encircled by a stainless-steel hole protector.

                          Bird Barn £19.99

                          • Made from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) sustainable wood, with strong hanging rope to enable you to suspend your adorable timber bird feeder from a branch or bird feeder pole. 
                          • 21cm tall x 17cm wide x 10.5cm deep

                          Feed the Birds Bird Food Tin - Stone £19.99

                          • A stylish beautifully moulded steel bird food tin that will have the birds eating out of your hands! 
                          • There is a handy seed scoop with a hook to hang it on, and a real leather handle on the lid to stop unwanted visitors – sophisticated yet practical (Height: 25cm x Diameter: 17cm)

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                          Helping Hedgehogs in Trouble

                          The numbers of hedgehogs are difficult to capture accurately as they are nocturnal solitary creatures but there is evidence that they have been declining steadily with quoting that “We appear to have lost over half our hedgehogs from our countryside since the millennium alone and have lost a third from our towns and cities.”

                          Two main things to think about:

                          1. Their weight as they go into hibernation – if less than 600grams the hedgehog will not survive. These docile creatures are easy to pick up in a towel or with a pair of gloves (despite their 5,000 to 7,000 quills – which are neither barbed nor poisonous). Weigh them and set them on their way if they are 600g or more but if they weigh less than that, either feed them up or hand them in for others to take care of them (e.g. the British Hedgehog Preservation Society Tel: 01584 890 801 / Leicester Animal Rescue 0116 259 9399 / Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust 0116 262 9968 / Leicestershire Wildlife Hospital 0795 128 5366)
                          2. Ensuring you don’t set fire to them when you light your bonfires – this is the type of environment they love to make nests in. If possible, stack your bonfire material in one place and move it to make the fire on a different site the day you intend to light it. If you don’t have the time or inclination to do this, please just check your bonfire by lifting material gently with a broom handle and shine a light to check for the little creatures. 

                          Hedgehogs like to eat insects, worms, centipedes, snails, frogs, and snakes so they can be a useful ally in the garden.  They are also good climbers and swimmers so, if your pond doesn’t have steep sides they can easily get in and out and swim about.  These delightful critters benefit from some water, food and shelter.

                          Hedgehog Water Bowl £4.99

                          • Leaving out drinking water in this specially designed hedgehog water bowl will encourage your wildlife friend to visit you.
                          • The bowl has an attractive green glaze; it is made from hi-fired frost resistant ceramic.
                          • PLEASE DON’T LEAVE OUT MILK as hedgehogs are lactose intolerant. 

                          Hedgehog friendly food – dry or moist, WVF has a number of products: 

                          GM Hedgehog Bites 650g £3.99

                          • Carefully blended to ensure your hedgehog has all the essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins they need to breed, hibernate or just for day to day activity. 
                          • Bite sized pieces are easily digested.

                          Spikes Relish – 100g £0.55

                          Spikes Dinner (Dry) 650g £3.99

                          Spikes Meaty Feast 140g £0.75

                          Spikes Semi-Moist 1.3kg £9.49

                          Brambles Meaty Hedgehog Tin 400g £1.29

                          Brambles Crunch Hedgehog Food 900g £4.79

                          Wild Things Hedgehog food 2kg £8.99

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                          Calving systems, management, and timing varies greatly across the country and from farm to farm. The common goal is to have a live, healthy calf as well as maintaining the health of the cow and preparing her for a successful re-breeding. Many factors influence achieving this including calving difficulties, disease, injuries, and weather. Whether you plan to be calving in autumn, spring or all year round, Welland Valley Feeds stocks all the useful products to support you at this busy time.

                          Blossom Easymix 20kg £39.95

                          • Blossom Easymix is ideal for once or twice day feeding and some ad lib systems requiring an instant mixing powder.

                          Country Calf Colostrum 300g Bottle £14.95

                          • A colostrum concentrate providing a high level of natural colostrum, with added proteins and vitamins carried in a nutritional energy source.
                          • It is specially formulated to supplement colostrum from the dam or where access to natural colostrum has not been possible.
                          • It should ideally be fed as soon as possible after birth preferably during the first 2 hours.

                          Rumen Stimulant 100g £3.95

                          • Provita Rumen Stimulant is a powder supplement that has been specifically formulated to restore rumen function.
                          • It is useful as a microbial stimulant to promote the rapid multiplication of the beneficial rumen microflora which is essential for normal digestion within the rumen. It provides essential microbial nutrients, vitamins and trace elements to promote the growth of rumen bacteria and buffers to counteract pH imbalances.
                          • The beneficial bacteria recreate the ideal intestinal conditions for optimum forage digestion. Provita Rumen Stimulant is antibiotic free.

                          Volac Calf Volostrum 450g Colostrum £16.95

                          • A natural alternative to colostrum for feeding when maternal colostrum is unavailable or in short supply.

                          New-born 5 in 1 Calf Paste 15g £4.94

                          • Recommended for use at birth, for bought in calves or at times of stress, especially after a difficult birth or scours.

                          Country Scour Formula 76g £1.95

                          • Country Scour Formula+ is a Re-hydration solution to boost energy and digestion in scouring calves.
                          • Formulated with beneficial bacteria and anti-oxidants, it provides a balanced source of electrolytes, contains alkalising agents and glucose and is for the use on new-born and bought in calves. It is also suitable for use on suckling and weaned pigs, lambs, kid goats, new born llamas and alpacas.

                          Provita Prolyte Extra 76g £2.94

                          • Prolyte Extra is a feed supplement to aid the rehydration of scouring calves and re-establish probiotic bacteria in the gut.
                          • It is a unique combination of electrolytes with vitamins B and C, plus beneficial lactic acids relieving the physical effects of stress. It also contains Glycine, an amino acid which helps coat the gut lining and a natural thickener to optimise the contents of the GI tract.

                          Battles Udder Cream 5kg

                          • For maintaining the healthy condition of cow’s teats and udders.

                          Calflyx Easybreather 5kg/22.5kg

                          • A natural aid to maintaining a healthy respiratory system and a strong immune system. Respiratory problems are most frequent in autumn and winter, especially in housed calves, but can arise at any time, especially when animals are under stress.
                          • Calflyx Easy Breather helps maintain a healthy respiratory system by minimising respiratory irritation and providing a soothing and calming effect on the calf to minimise stress and help support and maintain a strong immune system.
                          • Calflyx Easy Breather is designed for use with young calves pre-weaning, to aid in immune function, rumen development and reduced respiratory disease. It can be made available to calves from four days of age until weaning and onwards.

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                          Calving Accessories

                          Calving Ropes 

                          Single Loop 1.8m £9.25

                          and Double Loop 2m £9.25

                          2 Gallon Calving Bucket £4.96

                          Disposable Gloves Silkies (Arm length) 100pk £15.98

                          Calf Feeding Bottle with Teat £8.94

                          Colostrum Feeder (Bottle/ Latex Tube) £5.94

                          Colostrum Feeder (Syringe/Plastic Tube) £5.94

                          Calf Feeder Bag £14.94

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